Eclo 1-Wire USB adapter

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This adapter performs a bridge between an USB port and the 1-Wire® protocol. It allows users, iButton ASD's and OEM's to replace the legacy COM port adapters with USB, without any changes to the current software.
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The bridging is performed at driver level; all that is needed is to install the supplied drivers. The driver provides all the necessary operations to communicate with any 1-Wire® device through a 1-Wire driver, just like any ordinary RS-232 COM port.

This adapter emulates a DS9097U serial adapter, providing true-ground interface to an USB port, reading and writing at regular and overdrive speeds, strong pull-up to 5V for Temperature, Crypto and EEPROM 1-Wire devices and user configurable slew rate controlled 1-Wire pull-down and active pull-up.

The adapter is plug-and-play. When connected for the first time to any USB port, the setup screen will pop-up. To use the adapter with current applications, all it takes is adjust the settings to use the virtual COM port that is added to the system during setup.

Can replace DS9490R or DS9490B.

There is another version available which includes a DS2401 ID chip.